Our Team

Our Agents Are Like No Others

figure-our-promiseHow We Select Our Agents:
 Our team is made up of a top-notch team of real estate professionals who are chosen based on six criteria.


One of the primary differences between our company and the others, is our mastermind team concept.  This concept puts a whole team of agents to work for you when you hire just one.  With this concept, the best negotiators are left to handle just the negotiations, the best analysts all the analysis and paperwork review and the prospectors spend all their time finding you the perfect home or finding our sellers the best qualifyied buyer.

While real estate teams are not new to the industry, our unique approach to team dynamics is.



Honesty is about adherence to the facts. Our agents won't always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you the truth.


Integrity is about conduct. Our agents live by a set of principles & values that are time tested.


Our agents receive superior training, above and beyond their professional requirements, making them experts in the area, market & real estate process.



Our agents communicate with our clients weekly, at the very least, and keep you informed every step of the way by providing you with process checklists so you can follow along  through the process and keep them accountable.

Our agents are also expected to answer any questions or handle any concerns in a timely manner and when the market changes, as it regularly does, you will be one of the first to know.



There are sixteen primary skills agents need to develop in order for them to be successful. Chief amoung these skills are the ability to close, prospect, negotiate, and follow up.  Our agents are vigorously tested and trained to develop each of these16 skills. Since each agent has their own unique strengths and abilities, our unique mastermind team approach, allows agents to spend the majority of thier time at what they are best at.